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As you may or may not know, I have recently picked up the habit of Flying Trapeze at the Trapeze School of New York in Chicago.  I even started working there part time in the office.

It’s got absolutely nothing to do with music, & it’s amazingly fun & quite a challenge for me.  I’m enjoying it a lot & if you are in Chicago I highly recommend you come check it out & take a class with me!

(Here are photos of today, of two tricks called a gazelle & a set whip, with the last photo taken just as I left the bar & was going for a catch).

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#Daley onstage at @lh_schubas. Crowd loves it!

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Cello in the middle!

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Rehearsal at Phonology tonight with Xoe Wise for the show tomorrow at Lincoln Hall!

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#2002 #redandblack #emo #postemo #mallmusic #obvsiminaband #goth #sadgoth #sademo

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Hello columbiacollegechicagoalumni  I am back in you as an alum running audio for the Grammy U / dynastypodcasts event w/ closedsessions . Here are your students, filling themselves with knowledge of the music industry in the same room where once I had audio classes.

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TONIGHT! I return to good ol’ @columbiachi to record a @grammyu event feat. @jaimeblack of Dynasty Podcasts & @closedsessions

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Check out this awesome picture of me done by none other than the fantabulous @theburningtightrope !

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Checking out @thewyld at Chop Shop tonight!