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18 October - Man Falls in Loop, Loses His Brains



Haverly’s Theatre, where Arrien Peters fell off the roof. Photo source.

On May 24, 1879, several employees of Haverly’s Theatre, at the corner of Dearborn & Monroe, were playing outside with a ball. The ball in question was tossed up on the roof of the theatre, where it remained,…


If you missed it…check out DeadInChicago.com to see my Tumblr where I’m posting grisly/weird stories from Chicago’s past every day.

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15 October - Garbage Plant by Bubbly Creek Explodes, Rains Fire



Scavenging in a Back of the Yards garbage dump. Photo from Calumet 412. Source.

On May 2, 1908, all was quiet in the sparsely populated neighborhood around Iron & 39th (Pershing) streets. At the Chicago Reduction Company, at 6:15, an explosion wreaked havoc on the neighborhood. A…

If you didn’t know yet, I’ve started a blog for October called Dead In Chicago, where every day I am posting weird/macabre horror stories from Chicago’s past.

Check out today’s post where BURNING FIRE RAINED FROM THE SKY.

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Midsommarfest. Clark and Berwyn. Playing with @xoewise 11-12!

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Weirdest rehearsal photo yet- practicing tonight with Jackie & band for the @xoewise show at Midsommarfest tomorrow. Come see us at 11!

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Last night I learned how to do a set split at @tsnychicago !

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Check out this lovely photo of my gig this weekend with @xoewise in Wisconsin! (Photo by Jeff Scott)

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Playing with Xoe Wise in Marshfield Wisconsin soon!

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Another shot of me forest celloing yesterday. Apparently I was confused.

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Today I played cello in the forest for children. It was lovely!

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Mausoleum of Ira Couch, mid 1800s Chicago businessman. This is last official grave left in Lincoln Park from when it was a cemetery. Construction will often still dig up unknown graves, however.