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WHAT?!?!? #madison

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Playing here at the Terrace tonight with @xoewise in Madison!

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Midsommarfest. Clark and Berwyn. Playing with @xoewise 11-12!

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Weirdest rehearsal photo yet- practicing tonight with Jackie & band for the @xoewise show at Midsommarfest tomorrow. Come see us at 11!

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And then sometimes you come to work & the alley is flooded with a #ChicagoLoopAlliance pop up party.

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Last night I learned how to do a set split at @tsnychicago !

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Check out this lovely photo of my gig this weekend with @xoewise in Wisconsin! (Photo by Jeff Scott)

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Playing with Xoe Wise in Marshfield Wisconsin soon!

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Another shot of me forest celloing yesterday. Apparently I was confused.

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Today I played cello in the forest for children. It was lovely!